Opening an Italian line for Pasta production

On September 6, 2013, the production facility of Mareven Food Holdings’ subsidiary, Mareven Food Central LLC, located in the Serpukhovsky District of the Moscow Region hosted a grand opening of an Italian line for pasta production. From now on dozens of varieties of pasta will be produced there under Rollton brand.

Participants of the line opening ceremony included Mr. Alexander Shestun, Head of the Serpukhovsky District of the Moscow Region, Mr. Do Xuan Hoang, Director General of Mareven Food Central LLC, the company’s employees and Italian experts.

The production and logistics complex of Mareven Food Central LLC is already a modern, high-technology enterprise; nevertheless, the Holding continuously invests significant amounts in expansion, upgrading and innovations.

 “Commencement of proprietary production is a landmark for our business. The quality is guarantied by high standards of our enterprise. The unique recipe of pasta has been developed by experts of the Mareven Center for Innovations and Food Safety in close collaboration with Italian production engineers and experts. The launch of the new line offers additional opportunities for output of products conforming to the strictest international standard but made here, in the Serpukhovsky District”, stated Mr. Do Xuan Hoang, Director General, at the opening ceremony.

Rollton pasta is intended to be supplied to all regions of the Russian Federation as well as to former USSR countries and abroad. Investments in new production lines amounted to 15 billion Euros. Process management is fully automated. Selection was made in favor of technologies of an Italian company Pavan - one of the global leaders of the industry. Using new, modern technologies permits to promptly manage the output of products thus ensuring stable, high quality of pasta.

“Expansion of the production facility will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our region: fiscal contributions will increase, new workplaces for skilled personnel will be created, and a good example will be set to other potential investors. All these factors will not only stimulate development of the Serpukhovsky District, but also strengthen the food industry of the Moscow Region as a whole. It is important that consumers are offered high-quality, affordable foodstuffs manufactured in Russia. Relations of the administration of our district with Mareven Food Central LLC are built based on long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation”, remarked Mr. Alexander Shestun.